San Francisco

Painting San Francisco is serendipitous.  It’s such a visual city and many of what I saw stayed with me throughout the years. Recently, I painted one painting of Alcatraz and included it in an exhibition at the 2017 Frog Town River Walk in Los Angeles. At this event I met the son of a Life Magazine photographer, who said his father had taken the last photos of Alcatraz before it shut down for good. It was of the inmates being transferred out, and listening to this man talk about his father’s photographs inspired me to paint a complete art suite on the infamous rock. I went to Alcatraz to sketch many ideas and the finished with a variety of black and white on canvas paintings of Alcatraz. I was inspired to capture the dark and inhumanity of inmate conditions. The Alcatraz Art Suite represents the rock and the suffering that it represents.  –Roberto Gutierrez