Roberto Gutierrez

Distinguished Contemporary Chicano Artist, Roberto Gutierrez has spent most of his adult life painting biographical collections of his beloved East Los Angeles, his birthplace.

At 17 years old, Gutierrez enlisted into the U.S. Marines, spent his first four years training, learning and serving without war. In 1965, he re-upped for a second term and this time, he found himself in the middle of the hellish and horrific Vietnam war, landing on the Chu Lai base in the south Vietnam coast. Miraculously he returned, a survivor of a war, Gutierrez used his G.I. Bill to attend East Los Angeles Community College, where he excelled in art classes. Art: Painting, sketching, and watercolors would in time become his passion and ultimate savior of his severe PTSD.

Robert Gutierrez

He grew as an artist at Self-Help Graphics, where under the guidance and inspiration of late Franciscan nun, Sister Karen Boccalero, he discovered that not only did he possess a gift for painting, but his art was also a healing balm on his PTSD and angst from his difficult childhood. He credits Sister Karen as his saving grace after his Vietnam nightmare.

Today, Gutierrez has expanded his art suites of East Los Angeles to include Alcatraz in San Francisco, Central Park/NYC, and Paris, France. He has extraordinary contemporary and abstract collections. And, then there is the angst of Trump and with his PTSD crossing paths meant Gutierrez got political. The end result is the Trump Art Suite. 

Gutierrez’s work has been widely shown in galleries throughout the Southwest and extensively distributed through the medium of posters depicting “el barrio” and Los Angeles.